Great Service & Affordable Prices.
             Prices may vary from Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Here are some of the services that we provide:
Mowing, Aeration, Re-seeding,    
Fertilize, Lawn Treatment, Lawn Care Service, Leaf Removal, De thatch lawn,
Natural Areas, Flower Beds and More.

    $40.00 to $100.00   Lawn Care Service = Mow - edge - trim - blowing off.
Prices are Up to One Acre. Anything over An Acre will increase in price.  

Prices may vary on how much we have to Trim or Prune shrubs and trees.  
And there is a haul away fee.              
 $65.00 per load ..

      Prices Vary upon the size of the property and flowers beds.                        

$150.00 min    1/4 Acre  Lawn       ( If Leafs are bagged it is  $65.00 hour more. )
                                        Custom Landscaping                                                  
Relocate shrubs and small trees.      Clear Natural Area       Clean out   

Design Construction of  New Natural Areas there is an equipment fee and fuel
$85.00  hour             Customer pays or buys all materials before job starts.
$65.00  per load          Customer also pays for ( Carrying away of Waste ).

     Any questions?  Please contact us. Click Here to send an email for information.         

Services and Prices

Lawn  Service  Program   Options

We provide several different options for your lawn care needs.
(All services are priced by a FREE ESTIMATE on your property)

No- contract Mowing

Our most popular service is our no-contract mowing.  
This is as requested mowing, from a one time mowing while on vacation

Or once a week  Or every two weeks for an entire season.
Included in this service is a quality grass cutting, weed eating,
and edging all driveways and walkways. Blowing off driveways and walkways.

Full Service Lawn Maintenance

We also offer a full service contract for either a Year Round Package or a Seven Month Seasonal Package.  

Both packages include up to once a week or as needed
= mowing, weed eating, and edging, as well as bed filler and bed maintenance.  
The year round package includes our spring lawn jump start, fall lawn builder, and leaf removal.

Spring Lawn Start - Up

This service includes aeration, fertilizing, and seeding.

This is most often done in mid-February to late March to ensure your lawn has the essential nutrients it needs for a lush, green lawn.

Fall Lawn Builder

The fall lawn builder is essential for establishing a hearty root system and healthy lawn for the following year.
It also includes aeration  ( spiking ), fertilizing, seeding, and lime application.

Leaf Removal

In the fall, we will collect and remove leaves that become accumulated on your lawn.
I can either mulch them and add to your flower beds or take away.

Natural  Areas

We can turn your unwanted property into something very beautiful.
All you need to do is have some type of idea of what you want or just call
And we can give you some great ideas for your property.
We have several different options for your lawn care needs.
One Time Service, Seasonal Mowing Or One Year Contract.
( All services are priced by a
FREE ESTIMATE of property. )
Credit card logos
Credit card logos
If you wait until all leaves have feel.
And It is going to take over 3 hours.   

There is a charge of $70.00 an hour..  

Charges are $500.00 for a day clearing.